Waupoos beeyard and 3km forage radius.jpg


Our Waupoos bee yard is located at Little Highbush Blueberries in North Marysburgh, Prince Edward County.

Three generations of the Little family have been growing blueberries at this beautiful spot on the shores of Smith Bay. They use only natural methods of pest control and the health of our bees who pollinate their blueberries are a testament to their care – we’ve never lost a colony at this location.

In spring, our bees collect nectar from the many apple orchards in the the area, producing a honey that is light in colour with a delicate, fruity flavour. Their early summer honey is heavily influenced by the blueberry blossoms – it is light amber to medium yellow in colour with a floral flavour and buttery smooth texture. In late summer, the honey darkens in colour and you can taste a hint of pumpkin as the bees forage from the local farm fields.