Our Honey

We are committed to producing raw, small batch, local honey that reflects the terroir of Prince Edward County.

Raw honey is not heated during the extracting process. We use a cold knife to remove the cappings, then spin the frames to extract the honey from the cells. The honey flows into a five-gallon bucket and is poured into glass jars within 24 hours. This minimal processing preserves the flavour, aroma, and nutritional components so you get the best in every jar.

Small batch means that we produce our honey in limited quantities throughout the summer – and we bottle the honey individually from each season, and from each beeyard (unlike large commercial beekeepers who harvest once or twice a year, and blend everything together). Every harvest is different in flavour and colour, depending on the flowers that were in bloom at the time, and no two harvests are ever the same. Weather patterns also play a role, so a dry summer will produce a thick, dark, strong-tasting honey while wet weather results in honey that’s lighter in flavour and colour. We maintain fewer than 50 hives, and we manage our bees based on what’s best for them – as opposed to using methods that maximize honey production at the expense of the bees’ wellbeing. Our production is extremely limited and we always sell out before the end of the year. (So purchase a CSA to ensure you don’t miss out!)

Our honey is produced exclusively at six locations in Prince Edward County – Waupoos, South Bay, Sandbanks, Picton, Bloomfield, and Wellington. Each location has been chosen to offer the bees a unique variety of blossoms to forage on – so the honey is different from location to location, and from one season to the next. Every harvest offers a different flavour and colour and is a unique snapshot of the time and place as the bees experienced it through the flowers in bloom in that area at the time. One of the important things that sets our honey apart from others is that we never buy in bulk honey from other beekeepers – if it has our label, you can rest assured that it was produced by our bees at one of our bee yards – so we can guarantee the quality and safety of every jar.

After several years of product testing and development, we offered our first special edition Winter Honey at the 2018 Mistletoe Magic sale. Infused with seasonal spices reminiscent of the holiday season, with a subtle heat, it was a hit with everyone who tasted it and quickly sold out. We’re working on another special edition honey to be offered exclusively during the 2019 holiday season. We are also testing a couple of other new products – top secret at the moment, but subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to be the first to hear when they’ll be offered.

You can purchase our honey directly from us at one of the many events we attend each year. We always sell out before the holidays – but you can guarantee there’ll be honey for you by purchasing a CSA membership.