Where can I buy your honey and candles?

Our products are sold primarily by us directly to our customers at local markets and events. We also work with select stores in Prince Edward County who carry a limited selection of our products. You can also join our CSA membership program to guarantee your honey and candle supply for the year.

What events can I find you at?

For 2019, you can find us at the PEDWI Art & Craft Sale at the Picton fairgrounds, the Ontario Fermentation at the Picton Fairgrounds, the Farmer’s Tan market at Parson’s Brewery in Picton, TASTE Community Grown at historic Loch Sloy in Prince Edward County, and Mistletoe Magic in Belleville.

What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a model that allows consumers to support small farmers by providing them with cashflow during the off-season. For example, we sell out of our honey before the end of the year – but we encounter our highest annual expenses in early spring, before the honey season begins (this is when we order bees to replace those that didn’t survive the winter; purchase hive components such as boxes and frames to replace old equipment; and order medication to treat our bees for mites before they can do any damage.) In return, CSA members get first pick of the honey once we begin to harvest (as well as other exclusive perks such as visits to our beeyard and first access to new or special products).