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Spring is coming (we swear it is!)

There may still be snow on the ground, but any day above freezing gets beekeepers dreaming about spring – and we’re counting the days!

In late fall, we wrap the hives to protect them from the cold and the wind – and cross our fingers that they’ll still be with us come spring.

During the long, dark winter, the bees form a tight cluster around their queen – their sole purpose is to feed her and keep her warm. The colder it is outside, the tighter the bees cling together, shivering their flight muscles to create warmth.

About this time of year, the queen will begin to lay eggs again – and the bees will maintain the brood nest at 35C (regardless of how cold it is outside). These first new worker bees will emerge in mid-March and the population will continue to grow in preparation for spring. The first major sources of pollen are maple, oak, and willow blossoms. The first spring nectar comes from dandelions – so please leave them for the bees (at least until other flowers begin to bloom).

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