Welcome to our new website and blog – thanks for joining us!

We are a small company located in Prince Edward County, on the shores of Lake Ontario in Eastern Ontario. We currently maintain 21 hives at six different locations in the County – in Waupoos, South Bay, Sandbanks, Picton, Bloomfield, and Wellington.

Each of our bee yards has been chosen for what it offers the bees – a wide variety of the highest quality nectar and pollen for the bees to forage on; protection from the elements; availability of clean water; and easy access for us to tend to the bees and harvest the honey.

As each location has different plants in bloom at different times of the year – and we harvest our honey in small batches throughout the summer – no two batches are ever the same.

Stay tuned for information about our bees and bee yards, events where you can sample and purchase our honey, details on new products we’re developing, and more…

Natalie Comeau