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Located in Prince Edward County on the shores of Lake Ontario, we are a small business producing raw, small batch, local honey that highlights the terroir of the County. The bees at each of our apiaries – located in Waupoos, South Bay, Picton, Sandbanks, Bloomfield, and Wellington – produce honey from the unique combination of flowers in bloom in their area at the time. Each location and season results in a honey that is different in both flavour and colour, and no two batches are ever alike.

We began keeping bees in 2013, after moving to the County from the GTA. While taking a course in apiculture and bee biology at the University of Guelph in 2015, Natalie wrote a research paper on the effect of terroir in honey, analyzing how flowers that grow in different areas throughout the season would result in variations in flavour and colour. Based on that research, we keep our hives in six different regions of Prince Edward County and harvest honey individually from each yard in small batches throughout the summer (unlike most beekeepers who harvest once or twice a season and blend all their honey together).

In 2015, Natalie travelled to Connecticut to take a course in the sensory analysis of honey with Carla Marena Marchese (author of The Honey Connoisseur) at the American Honey Tasting Society. In 2018-2019, she went to Virginia to study biodynamic beekeeping with Gunther Hauk at Spikenard Farm. Natalie is also the editor of the Ontario Bee Journal, the magazine of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association.

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